What Makes You Different From Other Gyms?

At Invictus Boston, we pride ourselves on being a coaching based facility. Our full-time staff is here to help you achieve your goals through 6 different types of small group fitness classes. Not only that but our exclusive InTouch program is here to make sure that you get the direction you need in achieving your goals.

What Is InTouch?

At Invictus Boston, we know that every member has a unique journey towards their goals. Our InTouch program is designed to help guide you down your personal fitness path. Each member is assigned to one of our full-time staff members to work one-on-one with them to develop a plan to conquer their goals. Your InTouch coach is there to answer your questions and be your main resource during your time here at Invictus Boston. You can learn more here.

Is Functional Fitness Safe?

Our programs are designed to be safe and approachable for all levels of fitness. We start each class with a warm-up designed to prep the body to safely and effectively take on the movements of the day. Our focus here at Invictus Boston is on developing the strength and endurance you need to help you stay injury free in your day to day life.

What Kind Of Classes Do You Offer?

Here at Invictus Boston, we pride ourselves on offering 4 unique fitness classes that when combined together can help to get you in the best shape of your life. You can learn more about the different classes and their benefits here.

Do You Offer Nutrition?

Yes! Our Nutrition program is one of the most popular programs amongst our members. Members who take advantage of our nutrition program often see results beyond what they could have achieved with fitness alone. Click here to get started with our nutrition program.

Am I Fit Enough To Get Started?

There is no baseline level of fitness to get started at Invictus Boston. Our programs are designed to be scalable for all fitness abilities from the seasoned athlete to the first-timer. You can read more here about why you don’t need to be fit to start working out.